Figure 1: What Bing Image Creator thinks I look like.

Hi! I am Soham Pal, a Computing Sciences Researcher II at The University of Arizona. I assist domain scientists with high performance computing. Earlier I did my PhD in theoretical nuclear physics, and worked on AI/ML at Amazon. I am also a Qiskit Advocate with IBM. My primary research interest is at the confluence of quantum computing, machine learning, and many-body physics.

This space is a place for me to document some of the stuff I am doing. Mostly so that I don’t lose them, but maybe you will find a subset of these interesting. If you prefer more technical content, you can find my publications on Google Scholar. This site is hosted on Codeberg Pages. Unless otherwise mentioned, all content are available under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

If you wish to connect you can email me at sohampal@arizona.edu.